Monday, March 12, 2012

Feelin' Crabby?

As most of you know, the hubby-to-be and I relocated to the Gulf Coast... I love being close to the salt water, although I don't make it there nearly enough. (Planning to change that soon!) Anyhow, even though interior design and art is my ultimate passion (fingers crossed for more clients in the near future!), I do however work at a restaurant on the beach, (Hey! A gal has to pay her bills!) So, the other day I walked past the most beautiful plate of Stone Crab Legs.... now, I have to be honest... I don't eat crab legs. Of any kind. (I actually just started eating crab cakes!!) But the colors gleaming of these crabby gams got my inspiration wheels turning...

Look at the beautiful colors of cream, corals, reds, oranges and black in the Stone Crab legs! You guessed it... here are some Stone Crab inspired designs! :)

Image via: As Is Home

This living room sings sunshine! Although, I wish they would have used a great rug to pull it all together...
Image via: Pinterest

This hall has an interesting surprise, I love the red frames, rather than the expected black frames:
Image via: Pinterest

This image of the Henredon showroom is fantastic! I love the light and airy feeling from the use of colors and the fantastic contrasts from those stunning Barbara Barry chairs. (They are one of my favorites of her pieces!)
Image via: Henredon

So what do you think? Are you feelin' crabby? ;)

xoxo- Lisa

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ray-Ban Love

Today, I ran into a gal who was wearing the most smashing pair of sunglasses! Anyone who knows me, knows I love sunglasses... the bigger/funkier/retro the better!! But these beauties, they really pair my two loves well, sunglasses + architectural design!

The second I saw these I instantly thought of Frank Lloyd Wright's well known stained glass windows. What do you think? These are definitely going on my wish list!!