Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WOOD You Re-use It?

I recently got an email from one of my favorite places, you may have heard of it, it's this not so small of an amazing place called Schiller's Salvage, it was titled "WOOD you?" Intrigued, I opened it....

I had NO idea that Schiller's offered such an amazing array of reclaimed wood! Whatever you need, they've got it. (Plus, their pricing isn't half bad either!)

Photos via: Schiller's
So then of course, it instantly got my design brain cells turning... what oh what could I design with this amazing supply of wood?! So here is a little inspiration...

Immediately my mind goes to dining rooms and all the different types of spaces that could be designed around these statement tables.

Rustic and modern coexist beautifully...

Smooth it out really nice, put a coat of shine and sexy it up with some chrome...

Minimalism perfection...

But, let's think beyond the dining room table... Bed?


The possibilities are endless, what WOOD you do with some?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bravo's Flipping Out: Fact OR Faux??

As many of my followers and friends know, I love the Bravo TV show Flipping Out It just gets my creative side all up in a tizzy, and it rejuvenates my design senses while honestly making me laugh my face off!!!

And it never fails, you will see at least once, the main character, Jeff Lewis flip out on somebody. Now, my friend, let me just say it's not your normal flip out. Often, when I am upset I refer to myself as "about to have a Jeff Lewis flip out moment" so, it kind of sets the standard of major flipping out! 

A lot of times, people ask me if this show is realistic, and I quickly respond YES! So here my friends, is a little truth, to the reality of working in the interior design field, and why Jeff Lewis flips out as he does. 

1. We (as in Interior Designers) are not at all Fairy Godmothers...
Image via: Disney
We would love nothing more than to have a shiny little wand to wave around and make stuff happily appear, but lets face it, it's just not real. 

2. Yes, we get to play with beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, paint colors and all kinds of textiles, but that is not our complete job. In addition, there is a lot of knowledge that goes into picking out those perfect fabrics for that perfect function in your space. So while, you may think that picking that amazing fabric for your style is like an easy trip to Joanne Fabrics, I'm terribly sorry to inform you, but you are wrong. Sometimes it takes hours to find the perfect match for you, then you have to approve it!

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics and more fabrics. Good thing I am educated and now what will last in the way you live in your space! 
Image via: Lisa Gilmore Design Instagram

3. So number 2 leads us to number 3. While we get to present you the fun part, we have to go back and coordinate with subcontractors to get something re-upholstered, re-styled, built or sewn. Then we have to create purchase orders, cut checks and check up on status' of orders, the list goes on and on, it's a lot of paper work, in addition to the fun pretty stuff!

4. Here's the best one, an Interior Designer's design is only as good as the workroom/contractor hired provides. We can do our best to make sure every right path is taken to give you the most amazing space you have dreamed of. The fact of the matter is, we are project managers of tons of people. And they are only that people. Unfortunately, everyone's work ethic may not be up to par with ours, or they may flake. The only thing we can do is come up with a design, a plan of action and the best way for it to be successful for you. However, I wish I could employ an army of Droids to get every job done, but sadly only George Lucas has been successful with the Droid. 

5. Now, finally when all the behind the scenes and on site work is complete, hopefully this is the best part, the completed project! It's a lot of work, but in my opinion is totally worth it. Patience is a big part of the plan and keeping your eye on the prize. Things may be on backorder, get shipped in broken or the wrong size, a contractor my flake, or maybe a color on the wall just doesn't look how you thought it would. Rest assured it will all be okay. In the end you will have an amazing space designed to fit you, your family and lifestyle. 

So please, when working with your designer, remember, things may not go as planned. There might be a few road bumps, but they only want the best for you and for you to love the outcome and their design. Designers are just people too, with families, friends and hobbies as well. 

I promise, we aren't bad witches in the situation, and we realize too, that it would just be much easier with a magic wand.

Wizard of Oz

So yes, the answer to your question, if Flipping Out is a realistic show or not. There are a lot of factors, a lot of stress, a lot of emotion and a lot of talent that goes into design. When people stand in the way of a beautiful finished product, that could lead anyone to flip out!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Layering on the GOLD!

I am so lucky to have so many different clients with different styles. The different aesthetics that we use to build these beautiful spaces for them to inhabit excites me with every last detail.

Currently, I am working on a Hollywood Regency styled home. We have been working for a long time on this lovely couples space and finally, we are starting to see results of our hard work and meetings! Here is a small journey of what we've been designing up:

You see, this client is ultra glam. She loves Hollywood Regency and anything couture and fabulous. She pays close attention to the little details and appreciates the glitz and glam of these styles. I wouldn't expect anything less from her, after all, she is a fabulous designer herself. She is the beauty, brains and raw talent behind Maison Lyle and specializes in one of a kind costumes, bikinis and beyond:

These were some inspiration photos to get our glam wheels turning:

Inspiration photos provided by client via google searches

Lots of velvet, color, pattern, texture, crystal and more velvet! (Did I mention, we like velvet?)

So our inspiration started turning and I got to work. Designing custom trim work and columns to complete the layered look of the space was key:

Lot's of planning and deciding of what fabrics and wallpapers should go where:

Demo starts on the walls and the beautiful custom designed trim work goes up:

Some of the furniture we have used is custom designed by Lisa Gilmore Design and built here locally in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Finally, our amazing trim work shines with these fresh new colors from Benjamin Moore! 
Then one of my favorite stages... WALLPAPER is going UP!
I was so happy when I saw this up, I did one happy Hollywood Regency dance in my clients dining room! Layers and layers of gilded gold, beautiful velvet and colors are all coming into place!

There is still a bit of work under way at this clients home, but I can't wait to share the complete story with you. It will be Hollywood Regency heaven! Until then, wear some fabulous gold jewelry to hold you over ;)


Progress photos provided by Lisa Gilmore Design Instagram

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pssst.... Have Your Heard?

Well, well, well in case you haven't... Lisa Gilmore Design has some exciting news! Earlier this week, I checked my inbox and this lovely message was found:

Lisa Gilmore Design has been voted one of the "Best of Houzz 2013" in the Tampa Bay Area for Design and Customer Satisfaction! 

I am so thrilled to have been voted for this award. Thank you to everyone who voted and for everyone's support! This month, Lisa Gilmore Design turns ONE and what a way to celebrate! 

Check out Lisa Gilmore Design's Houzz profile here and share with family and friends.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Creative space...

I've been working on organizing my new office in our new home! Most who know me, know that organization is a bit of a challenge for me, but with the new year and the new home, I am going to smash that flaw like a little bug!

So I got some cute little inexpensive bookcases put up, started filing away things in appropriate areas in the file cabinets, and hung up some art. (the colorful piece on the right is a watercolor painting my cousin did for me when she was young, it's supposed to be a painting of me, and I love it dearly! The colors make me very happy.) I think the whole look is coming together rather nicely...

Here is a close up of some of my books. I love styling bookshelves. I get so much inspiration from looking up at my collection, it just brightens my day!

Now for the big debate.... COLOR! I am having a heck of a time deciding on what colors to go with for my office. So here are some ideas I am leaning toward...

Market hues

Door Handle

Jarred Hues

Feathered Hues

Which combo do you like best? One things for sure... I lean toward greens and greeny-blues! I'll keep you posted on what I decide 

All color palettes via: design-seeds

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's almost time... for the big reveal!

Well it's getting close, very close to the opening of Piquant!

The chairs are all lined up, ready for roll call...

The wallpaper is proudly standing tall, showing it's beauty...
The chandelier will soon be hung, the latte's will be ready and the 
wine anxiously waiting to be sipped. 
I've been hard at work with the lovely Chefs of Piquant, creating this beautiful space for you to enjoy with family and friends. 
We are so excited to reveal it to you in the next few days. 
We hope you are as excited to see it!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Win a Dream Makeover For Your Salon/Spa!

I've been busy cooking up something exciting, and I have been itching to share! Drum roll please...

Lisa Gilmore Design and spa50: the day spa authority, have partnered up to award one lucky salon/spa the chance to win complete re-design services by Lisa Gilmore Design!

Hey! salon and spa owners:

Have you ever looked around your space and wondered what it would be like if a design professional came in and put a new look on it? Maybe more color, a better floorplan or taking a sledge hammer to a few walls? Do you often have an idea for the image you are trying to create for your business, but maybe have trouble implementing it?
Well, now is your chance! Enter to win a complete re-design service by Lisa Gilmore Design for your spa, all within the parameter and scope you set. You come up with the budget and I comes up with the design.

1st place: Complete Interior Design services for your space - *$5,000+ Value
2nd place: A color consultation for your space. $175 Value
*Things to consider before entering:
  1. Is your spa currently listed on spa50's Spa Directory? If not, contact us to see if you meet the requirements to be listed.
  2. Your scope of work and the all together image and function you want your space to have.
  3. Your budget (no budget is too small or too large, but you should be realistic from the beginning), you will be responsible for the following costs but not limited to, depending on the scope of work: materials, finishes, product, contractors and permits.
  4. Your timeline - as with any project, management is key. Be prepared to make proper arrangements for the project to be fulfilled. 
 Hurry deadline to enter is Wednesday, January 16, 2013!
Voting will begin January 18, 2013 and will end midnight January 25, 2013. The winner will be announced January 26, 2013 via email.

Entering to win is easy:

First, read the rules to see if you are eligible. 

Take a few photos of your space and fill out the entry form. The deadline to enter is midnight, January 16th!

Share, share, share! Once you are entered and met all the requirements, you will receive a promo poster and other contest marketing tools to share with your clients, family and friends to go on and vote for your spa/salon to win!

Are you not a salon or spa owner? That's okay, you can pass this info along to your favorite place to get pampered so they can enter to win, then you can do your part and vote!

So, what exactly is spa50? Well, funny you should ask, let me introduce you to my friends who are the ultimate spa authority! 

spa50 the day spa authority for Tampa and Orlando Spas

We hand-pick our day spas to make your search fast and stress-free Looking for a high quality Tampa or Orlando day spa for massages, facials, body treatments, mani-pedis and hair styling? Let spa50 make that search easier so you can spend less time finding a great spa, and more time in one. We hand-select privately owned, non-chain, Florida spas to appear in our exclusive directory, so you know that the spas you find here will give you the experience you want. Search for day spas by location and type of service.
For giveaways, coupons, and updates for the top spas in the central Florida and Tampa Bay area – Sign up for our monthly newsletter! When was the last time you took 50 minutes for yourself?

spa50 is the Spa Owner’s Resource for Stress-Free Marketing

We at spa50 understand that the spa owner is always the last one to relax, because we’ve been there. You’re serene on the surface, but just under the water, you’re frantically paddling to get where you need to go. Yes, we did just call you a duck, quack! Having run successful day spas ourselves, we know what it takes to make your business thrive, but we want you to thrive too. Let us take on some of the work so you can get some time back for yourself. Contact us today to gain visibility by becoming part of our directory, and ask us how we can help you build your spa business through targeted marketing, continuing education, social media management, tips and resources. We can even help you start your spa business from scratch.

I hope everyone is excited about this contest as I am! Please do your part and pass along this great opportunity to your friends and family, and most importantly, don't forget to vote for your favorite!

Good luck!!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's official, it's 2013!

... and you know what that means, it's time for Emerald to take the spotlight! Many of us know that Pantone released 2013's color of the year a few weeks ago, I was giddy with delight when they said it was Emerald. I really had my hopes up for it.

So, I have been eagerly waiting for 2013 to arrive so I can show off some of my favorite emerald things!

Mary McDonald showcases emerald in a beautiful way in this dining room. I love how much of an impact emerald has here, without being all over. 

A few years ago, when I walked into Dream Home at the Merchandise Mart, I was smacked in the face with emerald and loved every square inch of it. I swooned over the foyer design by Summer Thornton Design. I have been in love with the Malachite wallpaper she used and have been dying for a place to put it, hmmm... maybe in my new home??

To me, the above kitchen island is a bit brighter than your typical emerald green hue. However, I couldn't help but share the image, I think it's a great example of getting a little daring with color in your kitchen and I think this concept would translate well into emerald!

So what are your thoughts for 2013's color of the year? Me? I adore it. I am going to cover myself in it more so than usual!

Here's to a happy, healthy and successful 2013, now go out and paint it EMERALD!