Friday, January 25, 2013

Layering on the GOLD!

I am so lucky to have so many different clients with different styles. The different aesthetics that we use to build these beautiful spaces for them to inhabit excites me with every last detail.

Currently, I am working on a Hollywood Regency styled home. We have been working for a long time on this lovely couples space and finally, we are starting to see results of our hard work and meetings! Here is a small journey of what we've been designing up:

You see, this client is ultra glam. She loves Hollywood Regency and anything couture and fabulous. She pays close attention to the little details and appreciates the glitz and glam of these styles. I wouldn't expect anything less from her, after all, she is a fabulous designer herself. She is the beauty, brains and raw talent behind Maison Lyle and specializes in one of a kind costumes, bikinis and beyond:

These were some inspiration photos to get our glam wheels turning:

Inspiration photos provided by client via google searches

Lots of velvet, color, pattern, texture, crystal and more velvet! (Did I mention, we like velvet?)

So our inspiration started turning and I got to work. Designing custom trim work and columns to complete the layered look of the space was key:

Lot's of planning and deciding of what fabrics and wallpapers should go where:

Demo starts on the walls and the beautiful custom designed trim work goes up:

Some of the furniture we have used is custom designed by Lisa Gilmore Design and built here locally in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Finally, our amazing trim work shines with these fresh new colors from Benjamin Moore! 
Then one of my favorite stages... WALLPAPER is going UP!
I was so happy when I saw this up, I did one happy Hollywood Regency dance in my clients dining room! Layers and layers of gilded gold, beautiful velvet and colors are all coming into place!

There is still a bit of work under way at this clients home, but I can't wait to share the complete story with you. It will be Hollywood Regency heaven! Until then, wear some fabulous gold jewelry to hold you over ;)


Progress photos provided by Lisa Gilmore Design Instagram

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