Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pull out your favs, it's Fashion Week!

Hello my fellow Tampa Bay Fashionista's! This week bring lots of fun and excitement, and the opportunity to flaunt our fav pieces. That's right, it's FASHION WEEK!

Are you going to any of the festivities planned? Check out the list of events to see what jives with your schedule.

I have been thinking about my closet all weekend and trying to decide what to pull together for the different events. Not really sure just yet. But here are some style images that might get your fashion inspiration going.

Casual but full of style:

Simple does it:

Color KAPOW?
I am personally loving this next outfit. One piece, with a great statement necklace and I also love the scarf!

So what do you think of these ensembles? What will you pull together for your Fashion Week look? Maybe I will see you out and about, make sure to say hi!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holla @ Hollywood Regency

I absolutely adore Hollywood Regency interiors. They are just so glam, so rich with color and texture. So you could imagine my excitement when I got an email inquiring about Interior Design Services and she mentioned that she loved Hollywood Regency. My fingers couldn't type a response email fast enough!

I've been doing lots of inspiration pumping and feasting my eyes on numerous Hollywood Regency styled homes. So I've decided to share my excitement with you and let you take a look at the beautiful interiors.

It doesn't get much better than this. How could you go wrong with an awesome image of Liza?!

Kelly Wearstler never fails with her designs. It's always dripping in Hollywood Regency vibes...

Take a look at this space. I can't get enough of the wow factors that this designer put in here! I am just dying over the mirrors and the chandelier, perfection. 

Take it to the bedroom with this amazing look. I love the orange walls!

So, what do you think of the Hollywood Regency look? Which room is your favorite? Stay tuned for photos in the future of the project soon to go underway! 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lisa Gilmore Design's got a brand new do!

I am bursting at the seams with excitement to share with you, Lisa Gilmore Design's new look! I liked my previous logo a lot, and it was great for what I was looking for at the time, but as I pursue growing my business, I realized that I have to put more work into creating a whole image/brand. For a few months I have been working with a very talented graphic designer in Miami, Stacye. She is fantastic. Not only is she great at graphic design, but she is fantastic at creating a whole brand. Which, like I said above, is exactly what I wanted.

So ladies and gents, let me introduce to you the new look of Lisa Gilmore Design:

I still loved the stacked look of my name, kept the green color way which I loved but, changed the hue a bit, freshened it up with this fantastic pattern, that I found inspiration from while sourcing wallpaper! (I just sent her a photo of it one day and she came up with this design.) I also still loved the exaggerated "L" in my name, so Stacye kept that as well, she tweaked the font a bit, and voila! My new look! 

Then, here comes the other fun stuff of building a brand! 
Color Consultation gift certificates, amazing little boxes to put them in, new business cards, great little stickers, introduction tags, the works! Isn't she one stellar graphic/brand designer? Working with Stacye, was not only easy but fun! She really loves what she does and you can tell. She will go above and beyond to make you happy and make sure that you and the personality of your business really shine through! I highly recommend her!

I am still working on the actual website and making everything cohesive, but it will be up and together very soon, so bare with me and my web designer as we work on it together. I just couldn't wait to show this exciting new image!

So what do you think?