Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspired by Tory Burch

Today, I was at International Plaza here in Tampa, Florida, for some reason I was feeling very inspired by all of the branding design for the different stores. Everything had a purpose, right down to the door pulls. All those little details add to great design and it makes me so happy to see it done so beautifully! I love retail design, I think it's so important and helps our economy grow tremendously, and people don't even realize it.

One of the stores that really caught my eye and kept me thinking back to it all day was Tory Burch. I have always appreciated her aesthetic, but I love the retail design of her brand.

Full of bright colors, gold and mirror surfaces, banana leaf motives, these stores are glam to the max with a modern edge. Her customers feel inspired to shop there, inspired to stay and they carry this look on when they put on one of her pieces in their daily life. 

I personally love what her design team has put together for her branding image. I feel cheery just looking at these images. 

What do you think? Do you love the bold colors and glam surfaces?


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm Loving This Wednesday: Janus et Cie Outdoor Furniture

One my my absolute favorites when it comes to modern and sexy outdoor furniture is Janus et Cie. Not only is their line of outdoor furniture one of the most attractive ones out there, but it is also really comfortable and inviting.

Janus et Cie has a really beautiful showroom at the merchandise mart in Chicago, which I have enjoyed many times. They also have showrooms in Miami, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, LA, Houston and Washington DC.  If you think back to any upscale, luxury spas or hotels you have been to that have had beautiful woven furniture in their outdoor bars or patio areas, there is a pretty good chance it is part of the Janus et Cie line.

 The high quality outdoor furniture made by Janus et Cie features sleek lines, a wide array of materials and fashionable functionality. The line includes chairs, lounges, tables and couches for both residential and hospitality use. With such a wide variety you are sure to find just the perfect pieces to complete the look you want in your outdoor space whether it be pool side relaxation or patio dining. 

The company also recently debut a new line of outdoor/indoor furniture featuring an innovative synthetic woven fiber called JANUSfiber that can’t be found in any other outdoor/indoor furniture brand. This innovative fiber resists ultra-violet light, moisture and microorganisms so it is perfect for use in any climate. These hand woven pieces come in a range of natural colors such as Bamboo Green, Khaki, Limestone, Bronze, Ebony, Oyster, which has a mother-of-pearl kind of luster.  

I have included a few pictures of the Janus et Cie line. They are, from top to bottom: The Lolah Three Seater Sofa set, the Azimuth Cross Chaise in a beautiful green and the Boxwood Right Arm Two Seater accented with purple and grey pillows. 

I hope you find this line of outdoor furniture as beautiful as I do, check out janusetcie.com to see more! The selection of products they have is almost unbelievable, there are so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving This Wednesday: Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings

The Silhouette line of window shadings is my favorite from Hunter Douglas. They provide privacy, beauty and create a beautiful opaque light in your room when the sun is shining. They are really worth every penny and will last a very long time.

These Silhouette window shadings are so versatile. Aside from coming in a wide range of colors, textures and sizes, they also open from the top or the bottom, or a combination of both. This features allows you to really filter natural lighting and direct it just where you want it to go. Each shading has sheer front and back facing with fabric vanes between them. When you open up the fabric vanes warm natural lighting brightens the room without damaging your furniture with harsh UV rays. When you close the vanes the light is subdued. You can also tilt the vanes to create a custom level of illumination.

There are so many variations to these window shadings when it comes to style and size; Silhouette window shadings also come in both horizontal or vertical.  So you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching several different types of window shadings. If you have a room with windows of varying sizes, being able to choose from a wide variety of sizes and utilizing both horizontal and vertical window shadings can be a very helpful feature. 

Silhouette window shades can be fully raised or lowered into a sleek head rail, making them pretty much disappear when you want them to. The raising and lowering can also be done by remote control if you have the Hunter Douglas PowerRise 2.0 installed. Another option available is the tilt-only Silhouette window shadings. These will always keep the window shaded but allow you to filter the light by tilting vanes. This is a great option for French doors, narrow entryway windows or other narrow windows.

 As I mentioned earlier, the Silhouette window shadings help protect your furniture and décor from being damaged by the sun’s UV rays, even if the vanes are completely open. When they are open, the UV rays are blocked by about 63% and when they are closed the UV rays are blocked by about 99%, that is pretty impressive! 

I really, really love this product and I hope after hearing about it you do too. With so many options there is almost no way you couldn’t find a combination that will work perfectly for any room in your home. I included pictures of the Matisse collection in Brushed Gresso (dining nook) and Weathered Canvas (sitting area with green upholstered chair) and one of that shows how these window shadings can be opened from the top and bottom.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Closet Crave!

To some people, living the dream is working at their job of choice, traveling the world, being a foodie. To others, living the dream is waking up to an amazing closet. Shoes lined perfectly, sections for different attire, color and a great spot for your jewels. It's all about presentation.

Here are a few closets that I thought were knock outs for all styles of design:

This juicy ottoman in this proper closet kicks it up a notch. I love the coordinating handles on the double doors.

Glitz and Glam! You can check your image on any surface in this mirrored closet.

Dark and polished, I personally think I may have gone with a long rectangular ottoman to balance the space a bit better, however I still like this look!

You know, stunning closets aren't just for women. Men, can't you imagine picking your tie for the day in the masculine space? Everything has it's spot and its not to frilly, right to the point. 

Are you a bit more modern? Maybe you have an awkward attic space? Don't let the shape defer you from a great closet. Here is a great installation, more modern and perfectly aligned in a more challenging space. Notice they put the dresser on the opposite wall?

Here is an interesting one, this closet is an actual room used to showcase clothing, shoes and accessories! Do you have a large enough home to devote a whole room to a closet? If so, make it a show stopper, not just a storage room. 

I saved this one for last, because it's my favorite. I love the use of wallpaper, the vintage image, the entire composition is just very inviting to me. I think I would enjoy picking out my clothes every day!! 

A few things I have learned from these closets?
  • Make your hangers match, preferably and chunky natural wood, it unifies and brings it all together!
  • Don't be afraid to use color in the space!
  • Don't be afraid of the possibility of wallpaper in your closet, make it your mini castle of YOU!
  • Try to arrange your garments in an organization pattern, whatever works best for you but is pleasing to the eye at the same time. 
  • Everything doesn't have to be contained, display pieces artfully to enjoy them daily!

I hope these images have left you with some closet crave, are you already brainstorming ideas for your closet? I am!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Fabric Friday: Black & White with a dash of COLOR!

This Fabric Friday I am showcasing a fun palette that I am putting together for a modern client. She has a modern aesthetic with a bit a mid century tossed in combined with travels all over the world, her home has great pieces of art and other finds.

A combination of black and white with a dash of color to bring in some interest. The use of geometric,  ethnic inspired and textured textiles make this palette very visually stimulating. In my opinion it will create a very balanced modern look that will blend well with her traveling treasures and be inviting as well. 

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I'm Loving This Wednesday: The Art Factory Mosaics from Sicis

The Art Factory line of mosaics from Sicis are created by hand by artists in the Sicis Art Mosaic Factory   in Italy. The line features basic, steel, marble and glass mosaic – each one with several different collections within the line. The glass mosaics come in an incredible array of bright, bold and vibrant colors as well as shapes and sizes. 

There is really no limit to the look you can create. Sicis has the right tiles whether you’re going for a simplistic look, a sleek contemporary look or over-the-top luxury.  If you have an idea in mind you’re sure to find the right collection- and even if you have no ideas in mind, just looking through the available options is sure to spark inspiration in you.  I could literately spend hours just looking through their interactive catalogs and dreaming up ideas for applications.

I have used Sicis Art Factory mosaics in several different applications; small scale ones to add a little sparkle and mosaics on the floor. Every time I’ve used them , I’ve had a really beautiful outcome. Sicis mosaics have been used in tons of prominent luxury projects throughout the world, so just imagine having them in your bathroom, pool, entry way or kitchen. These tiles can really take your home up a notch on the glamour scale!

The pictures I am showing here include the Blue No. 2 from the Glass 3 collection, Heliantus Gr from the SiciStone collection  and several different colors from the Glimmer collection in the picture with the books and shelving. You can create a dynamic look with a lot of the mosaics, like the Glimmer collection and the glass mosaics by incorporating lighting. 

Visit Sicis.com to see their full line of beautiful mosaics as well as their very unique and gorgeous furniture and jewelry lines. They also have an art gallery page where you can check out some pretty awesome pieces of artwork and mosaic sculptures that have been made with the Art Factory collections.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Let's Get Mad. {Mad Men Madness!}

Oh boy, oh boy, it was the weekend that many around the globe were anticipating for months, no, it wasn't New Years, no it wasn't Christmas, it was the season premiere of Mad Men season 6!

For months I (along with others) have been craving the amazing fashion, dapper gents and breathtaking dames, drinks and smoking that makes you cough through your tv screen. (Yes, I know that doesn't sound the least bit pleasing, but somehow someway, the actors make it so couture.) 

So with all the excitement of the much awaiting season 6, myself, the hubs and a handful of friends threw together a fabulous Mad Men Soiree! Here are a few photos from the weekend:

Preparing for our guests, being the good little house wife:

The dames:

The gents:

My dapper husband:

Mad love...

Dressing up, taking silly photos and drinking delish drinks were so much fun. We plan to do more themed parties like this again. We are hoping for a James Bond theme party next! So get your best 007 swag on!
Did you do anything fun for the premiere? Do share!


Friday, April 5, 2013

*Fabric Friday* Brunschwig & Fils

This week I got the opportunity to view the new 2013 launch line of Brunschwig & Fils here in Tampa, Florida! Not only was I greeted with visual eye candy and beautiful textiles to touch, but it provided a great little history lesson as well.

So here are a few of the patterns and colorways that caught my attention, I hope you find them as beautiful as I did!

Some of the fabrics showcased were inspired by archival pieces from history. The two pieces on the top (the blue kilim design and the red floral pattern are both archival pieces) 

This last one is one of my favorites, I would love to use this somewhere!

As you can see, they really capture beautiful traditional patterns and put them into modern application. I would love to use these in a project, anyone else have a craving to put some of these luxurious fabrics in your home?

Happy Fabric Friday!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Loving This Wednesday: SMEG Appliances

If you love retro, you’re going to love Smeg! This Italian company’s focus is on kitchen appliances and they have three different lines, Linea, Piano, Classic and of course 50’s Retro. They have fridges, ovens, ranges, dishwashers and even cabinet organization products to help keep the theme throughout your kitchen and help you keep it tidy too! 

Smeg’s tagline is “Technology with Style,” and that is exactly what their appliances scream. You can really do a lot with your kitchen by incorporating one of these appliances, even if you don’t want to go totally retro.  If you’re going to have one iconic piece in your house, why not have it be in your kitchen – which is often the place where people congregate in a home.  I have a feeling that having one of Smeg’s ovens could really make cooking a lot fun! 

Each of Smeg’s lines features appliances with sleek lines, innovative design and a just an overall gorgeous look. Plus, not only are they amazing looking, but they are actually high quality appliances with lots of great functional features.  All of their appliances are high performance and low consumption. Also Smeg is environmentally friendly company and only uses such as steel, glass, aluminum and brass, all of which can be easily recycled.  Their production process also followings and improves on environmental conservation standards. 

 Another thing that is really cool about Smeg is that the designers really do a lot of research on functionality, usage and aesthetic specific to the kitchen and kitchen appliances. And their international design studio is supported by prominent architects like Guido Canali, Mario Bellini and Marc Newson. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of style and technology, Smeg appliances are really a great option to consider.  

I’ve included just a few examples of their products, but there are a lot more! Check them out for yourself at www.smegusa.com.