Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I'm Loving This Wednesday: The Art Factory Mosaics from Sicis

The Art Factory line of mosaics from Sicis are created by hand by artists in the Sicis Art Mosaic Factory   in Italy. The line features basic, steel, marble and glass mosaic – each one with several different collections within the line. The glass mosaics come in an incredible array of bright, bold and vibrant colors as well as shapes and sizes. 

There is really no limit to the look you can create. Sicis has the right tiles whether you’re going for a simplistic look, a sleek contemporary look or over-the-top luxury.  If you have an idea in mind you’re sure to find the right collection- and even if you have no ideas in mind, just looking through the available options is sure to spark inspiration in you.  I could literately spend hours just looking through their interactive catalogs and dreaming up ideas for applications.

I have used Sicis Art Factory mosaics in several different applications; small scale ones to add a little sparkle and mosaics on the floor. Every time I’ve used them , I’ve had a really beautiful outcome. Sicis mosaics have been used in tons of prominent luxury projects throughout the world, so just imagine having them in your bathroom, pool, entry way or kitchen. These tiles can really take your home up a notch on the glamour scale!

The pictures I am showing here include the Blue No. 2 from the Glass 3 collection, Heliantus Gr from the SiciStone collection  and several different colors from the Glimmer collection in the picture with the books and shelving. You can create a dynamic look with a lot of the mosaics, like the Glimmer collection and the glass mosaics by incorporating lighting. 

Visit to see their full line of beautiful mosaics as well as their very unique and gorgeous furniture and jewelry lines. They also have an art gallery page where you can check out some pretty awesome pieces of artwork and mosaic sculptures that have been made with the Art Factory collections.

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