Thursday, February 28, 2013

Color, Color on the Wall

Tired of the same old boring colors (or in some cases, lack of color) on your walls? Have you been staring at the same white walls since you moved into your space? Where to begin?!

Did you know, Lisa Gilmore Design offers Color Services?

Sometimes, your space may not need an entire re-design, just a few fresh new colors to give it a new life. To check out a collection of color services by Lisa Gilmore Design, click here

"[on the importance of color] The Drab Age is over. Color is coming into its own again. Until very recently people were literally scared out of their wits by color. Perhaps this was a hangover from our Puritan ancestors. But whatever the reason, brown, grays and neutrals were the only shades considered 'safe'. Now we know that lovely, clear colors have vital effect on our mental happiness. Modern doctors and psychiatrists are convinced of this!" - Dorothy Draper

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Embrace Your Inner Organization Style!

For years and years I have been battling with the fact that I am a right brain thinker for years and years. I am very thankful for my creative skills, but I lack in organization skills. One of my biggest tasks to organize is my jewelry. I love costume jewelry and locally crafted jewelry. I have tried so many thoughts, jewelry boxes, compartment organizers from The Container Store, so many different things. I think I finally nailed it...

Finally, I embraced my right brain and decided to make my jewelry collection a happy display of art. It honestly makes me very happy to look at, when I travel I like to support local jewelry artist and buy a piece. When I look at it I think of all the different places I have traveled or lived and the beautiful people who crafted the pieces. Plus, it's really great to decide what I am going to wear with an outfit, everything is out on display to choose from and I love every inch of it!

So here is my advice to you, if you are having trouble with a specific type of organization, think of how you are going about it. Is it going against your natural grain? Embrace the type of thinker you are and think outside of the box and a way that organizing will make you  happy. Organizing is more than just putting things away in lined up matching boxes with pretty cut out labels, it's creating a balance of function and also helps with the way you feel. 

I urge you to think outside of the box and embrace your side of the brain! Happy organizing!

Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Petersburg beauty: Cassis American Brasserie

Last Thursday, I spent the day strolling around beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. My grandmother was in town from out of state, so her, my mom and myself enjoyed the lovely day. I really enjoy days like this, when you can be a tourist in your own town!

Photo via: Lisa Gilmore Design Instagram
My grandmother loved the funky horse on the 600 Block!
One of my favorite things about these kind of days, is finding places or meeting people you never knew. It's very energizing and I find it very inspiring!
Walking about I stumbled accross Cassis American Brasserie on Beach Drive. The restaruant boasts a beautiful sculpture that catches the most beautiful sunlight creating amazing colors dancing on the side walk.
Personal photo
We already had lunch, so we weren't very hungry, however in addition to the restaurant, there is a great little bakery off to the side, so we stopped in for some coffee. I was so pleased with the simple decor.
One thing I love most about the space is the floor design! This is one of my all time favorite patterns, it looked great in the space...
Such a clean palette, the beautiful sorbet display provides such visual eye candy in contrast to the shiny while tile and black and white graphic pattern.
Oh and did I mention their assortment of divine pastries? So beautiful!
So happy I stumbled across this pretty little place, can't wait to try out the actual restaraunt sometime, they offer a great happy hour, maybe I will see you there!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Artful living in Sarasota

I've been so busy these past few months, things are starting to wind down some and I can breathe! Who am I kidding though? I love to be a busy gal!!!

Anyhow, in all the bustle of the holidays, moving into our first home and some major projects going on, I realized I have been slacking a bit, I've been posting about inspiration and other miscellaneous things, but I have realized that I haven't caught you up on what Lisa Gilmore Design has been doing! However, if you interact with me on Facebook or Twitter, you haven't been completely in the dark. ;) And hey, if you don't get on over to the party and chat it up with us!

So anyhow, back in November I installed a beautiful project in Sarasota, FL. This client of mine is a lover of modern art, her favorite artist in particular is Itzchak Tarkay. Here is the journey of transforming her home...

Before, her living room palette was an awash of sands and beige. Nothing really grabbed your focus and let you enjoy her space, it was a bit scattered and bland....

After meeting with her and seeing her sunny Sarasota home, I realized that she needed some more color in her life to reflect her modern art taste.  So I went to work quickly, brainstorming ways to make it feel as if you lived inside of a Tarkay   painting.  This was the concept palette to present to her...

After a few meetings, fresh paint and reworking the floorplan, may I present to you the new and improved Artful Living Space!

A beautiful kidney shaped sofa recovered in a luscious teal quilted velvet. Arm chairs that were once brown and fruit-wood frames, were recovered in sexy hot pink and made special with a pop of fresh new paint. A new dining room set and chandelier, 

Custom pillows (don't you think those pillows kind of look like a Tarkay painting??) and drapery, oversized modern art framed to perfection a simple rug and coffee table to pull it all together! 

All in all, I am very happy with the outcome of this space, we spent some time at thrift stores around town to find some pieces to restyle, and local workrooms did it beautifully!

What do you think of this colorful space? Would you love to live in such a colorful setting?