Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Embrace Your Inner Organization Style!

For years and years I have been battling with the fact that I am a right brain thinker for years and years. I am very thankful for my creative skills, but I lack in organization skills. One of my biggest tasks to organize is my jewelry. I love costume jewelry and locally crafted jewelry. I have tried so many thoughts, jewelry boxes, compartment organizers from The Container Store, so many different things. I think I finally nailed it...

Finally, I embraced my right brain and decided to make my jewelry collection a happy display of art. It honestly makes me very happy to look at, when I travel I like to support local jewelry artist and buy a piece. When I look at it I think of all the different places I have traveled or lived and the beautiful people who crafted the pieces. Plus, it's really great to decide what I am going to wear with an outfit, everything is out on display to choose from and I love every inch of it!

So here is my advice to you, if you are having trouble with a specific type of organization, think of how you are going about it. Is it going against your natural grain? Embrace the type of thinker you are and think outside of the box and a way that organizing will make you  happy. Organizing is more than just putting things away in lined up matching boxes with pretty cut out labels, it's creating a balance of function and also helps with the way you feel. 

I urge you to think outside of the box and embrace your side of the brain! Happy organizing!

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