Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Petersburg beauty: Cassis American Brasserie

Last Thursday, I spent the day strolling around beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. My grandmother was in town from out of state, so her, my mom and myself enjoyed the lovely day. I really enjoy days like this, when you can be a tourist in your own town!

Photo via: Lisa Gilmore Design Instagram
My grandmother loved the funky horse on the 600 Block!
One of my favorite things about these kind of days, is finding places or meeting people you never knew. It's very energizing and I find it very inspiring!
Walking about I stumbled accross Cassis American Brasserie on Beach Drive. The restaruant boasts a beautiful sculpture that catches the most beautiful sunlight creating amazing colors dancing on the side walk.
Personal photo
We already had lunch, so we weren't very hungry, however in addition to the restaurant, there is a great little bakery off to the side, so we stopped in for some coffee. I was so pleased with the simple decor.
One thing I love most about the space is the floor design! This is one of my all time favorite patterns, it looked great in the space...
Such a clean palette, the beautiful sorbet display provides such visual eye candy in contrast to the shiny while tile and black and white graphic pattern.
Oh and did I mention their assortment of divine pastries? So beautiful!
So happy I stumbled across this pretty little place, can't wait to try out the actual restaraunt sometime, they offer a great happy hour, maybe I will see you there!



  1. That's Emeril's new restaurant if I'm not mistaken...looking forward to checking out that bakery! We were just in St. Pete yesterday visiting with Sean and Celesta...should have stopped by then!

  2. Curse you, Lisa! Now I looked at the menu...holy cow, can you say YUM??? And don't even get me started on the dessert menu. Good thing it's not on my end of town!

    1. Haha! I KNOW! I am dying to try it some time. The coffee was so yummy, can't imagine the food. If you go sometime let me know how it was, I'm curious!