Sunday, October 28, 2012

Historic Kenwood's Bungalow Fest 2012, Designer Show Home

Hey there design friends! I hope your Fall is off to a good start. Here in Florida we are getting a bit of a cooler breeze, which is very nice, but hoping for safety for the northern states with Hurricane Sandy near.

Last night was the Gala Preview Party for Historic Kenwood Bungalow Fest 2012! I am so excited to be part of this annual event this year. I have met some awesome new people over the last few weeks and hope that it turns into great new friendships!

Yesterday evening, the temps were starting to get a lot more pleasant than our usual 90 degree Florida nights, and I feel like my inspiration room really gave people that cozy fall feeling. Take a peek for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

I personally love mixing old with  new and geometric patterns with florals. The gorgeous art work was provided by Victoria Arendt of Vision 47 Gallery.

The draperies were a huge hit! I found this vintage floral fabric at an estate sale, I squeeled like a little girl when I found out they only wanted $6 for the bolt! So I rushed it over to my drapery workroom, Custom Home Furnishings and she whipped up these beauties for me. 

This mantel is from Schiller's Salvage

I also found these fantastic vintage screens that are from The Tampa Bay Hotel in the 1920's which I also found at Schiller's Salvage. I was so excited that the screens were still available when I went out sourcing for this room, I remembered them from months prior, glad I got to snag them! I think they added the perfect amount of symmetry, history and visual balance for the room!

This great metal bookcase was provided by Paper Street Market

These pretty pillows were handmade by Eugenia Woods, the detail on them is quite stunning. 

And here is myself in my room. If you were able to stop by, it was great to see you, if not, remember that next weekend is actual Bungalow Fest 2012 and you can preview the designer show house along with a number of other bungalows in the neighborhood! 

Special thank you again to all of my lovely vendors, your talent, time and generosity is greatly appreciated! Also, thank you to my supportive husband, family and friends while I put this room together! 

xo} L

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Itching for Rhapsody!

Who else is just as excited about Kelly Wearstler's new book Rhapsody? Mine is pre-ordered and I can't wait to pick it up off my door step!

Her design work, be it interior or fashion is one of a kind and never disappointing. Every time I see a bit of her work, I am always left wanting more. 

Until the 23rd, we are just left counting the days to sink our eyes into this book, I am sure it will be just as good, if not better than her previous books! 

3 days and counting,

Friday, October 19, 2012

Inspiration, Inspiration On My Wall

Design, art, and all things creative are things that I surround myself in daily. It could be paintings, fashion, interior design, any of it. I live, breathe, eat and sometimes even talk in my sleep design. (seriously, I've had a convo or two about wallpaper in my sleep.) 

So for me, pinning my inspirations is a daily routine. With virtual pin boards like Pinterest, it makes it easy for everyone to do this. There is something about an actual pin board, that gives me good design vibes. I just love the act of pinning it and then looking at it when I am in need of a bit of design pick me up. 

There are so many types of inspiration boards that you could create. This is a snippet of my board in my office:

Wallpaper, fabric, photos, notes and quotes. I've got it all. ^^

Here are a few different styles of inspiration boards that stuck my fancy. For whatever type of organization style you may have...

A big thick frame and very tailored pins...

Bright and sunny!! Bring on the inspiration my friend...

You know I'm always a sucker for a dark wall. And of course I love the chaos of these boards. I am sure it is completely organized to the owners though :)

Image via: House Beautiful

Tailored boards trimmed out with nailhead? Talk about glam! This looks like something you would surely find in Barbara Barry's office. I wonder what her inspiration boards look like?
Image via: Pinterest

I personally love this next one. It would be so great to have individual clipboard inspiration boards for each of my clients! I just need the space!!

This one is for all my less modern ladies. What do you think of this oversized vintage frame to create an inspiration board? I think it's FAB! 
Image via:

Last, but not least, I had to share this funky monkey! Yay or nay? Old bed spring frame as an inspiration board. I am leaning toward yay... what do you think?

I hope you have found this post inspiring and maybe you will go out and start creating your own inspiration board! If so, or you already have one, feel free to share it on my Facebook Wall, I would love to see how you all organize your inspiration!!

Happy pinning!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Bit of Bathroom Inspiration...

Currently, I am working on a bathroom in the Tampa Bay area, it is one amazing space. Not only is it just a bathroom, but it has a connecting sun room that is 250+ square feet, oh but it doesn't stop there, it has beautiful view of a peaceful lake, complete with, you guessed it, Lily Pads. Isn't there something a little magical about Lily Pads? I just can't get enough of them.

Anyhow, we are re-configuring the space to allow for a free standing bath tub, more sunlight into the cave of a shower area and completely relocating a vanity. The sun room is currently screened it, but soon it will be enclosed with nice windows, re-upholster a few pieces of furniture, slap on some new paint and before you know it this space to truly become one whole suite for the homeowners to enjoy.

As I have been gathering bits and pieces for this project, I have been running across many beautiful bathrooms of all types of styles. So, of course I had to share.

I don't know about you, but with this much energizing sunlight, clean lines and organic vibes, I might be able to start my day without coffee...

Dramatic but calm, industrial with a great historic vibe. I could soak in this tub for hours. Pour me a glass of red wine, light a few candles and give me a good book or some relaxing music to my ears, I'd be so happy here...

When I see this next bathroom, I instantly think vacation lake house or beach house. How about you? I love how they ran the boards in all different directions to give it some visual interest, but keeping it simple with one color all over. 

I don't have to say much about this shower, everyone knows how much I love color. Mix that in with a classic Herringbone pattern and all I can say is "WOWZA." 

To me, this big shower and tub combo is simply paradise. (Insert Coldplay song here) I love the materials they selected as well...

So what do you think of all these bathrooms? Which is your favorite? What is your favorite element of bathroom design? Stand by in the next few months to see the renovation that will be completed here in Tampa Bay!