Friday, October 19, 2012

Inspiration, Inspiration On My Wall

Design, art, and all things creative are things that I surround myself in daily. It could be paintings, fashion, interior design, any of it. I live, breathe, eat and sometimes even talk in my sleep design. (seriously, I've had a convo or two about wallpaper in my sleep.) 

So for me, pinning my inspirations is a daily routine. With virtual pin boards like Pinterest, it makes it easy for everyone to do this. There is something about an actual pin board, that gives me good design vibes. I just love the act of pinning it and then looking at it when I am in need of a bit of design pick me up. 

There are so many types of inspiration boards that you could create. This is a snippet of my board in my office:

Wallpaper, fabric, photos, notes and quotes. I've got it all. ^^

Here are a few different styles of inspiration boards that stuck my fancy. For whatever type of organization style you may have...

A big thick frame and very tailored pins...

Bright and sunny!! Bring on the inspiration my friend...

You know I'm always a sucker for a dark wall. And of course I love the chaos of these boards. I am sure it is completely organized to the owners though :)

Image via: House Beautiful

Tailored boards trimmed out with nailhead? Talk about glam! This looks like something you would surely find in Barbara Barry's office. I wonder what her inspiration boards look like?
Image via: Pinterest

I personally love this next one. It would be so great to have individual clipboard inspiration boards for each of my clients! I just need the space!!

This one is for all my less modern ladies. What do you think of this oversized vintage frame to create an inspiration board? I think it's FAB! 
Image via:

Last, but not least, I had to share this funky monkey! Yay or nay? Old bed spring frame as an inspiration board. I am leaning toward yay... what do you think?

I hope you have found this post inspiring and maybe you will go out and start creating your own inspiration board! If so, or you already have one, feel free to share it on my Facebook Wall, I would love to see how you all organize your inspiration!!

Happy pinning!

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