Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Local Business Spotlight: The Living Room on Main (Dunedin, FL)

Alrighty, ladies and gents, this is a super cool joint. I just got home and few hours ago, and couldn't wait to blog about it. First, let me start out by saying I have never been to Dunedin, FL before, and honestly didn't really know what to expect. A handful of people have told me that I would love it and that it's a totally artsy small town area. But, boy oh boy, was I not let down!! This little town is full of charm and I loved every little square inch of it! I honestly didn't get to explore that much, I was meeting a friend at The Living Room on Main for a charity event for Healing Heroes (if you haven't heard of Healing Heroes, go check it out, it's a great organization that I was happy to support!)  But I plan on visiting the great little town of Dunedin very soon!

So this lovely little place, The Living Room on Main, is a quaint space, full of character and of course, delicious wine and other treats. I ate and drank light, but enjoyed every second of my experience of The Living Room. (the crab cakes were scrumptious!) Being an interior designer and recently relocating back from the great city of Chicago, I am always on the prowl for great little locally owned places that I can enjoy with friends, The Living Room has worked it's way to one of the top slots on my list. It really does feel like your are enjoying a glass of wine in someones living room. A few things that caught my attention that I must point out, they have a great use of art and accessories throughout, I love the plum walls, oh and ladies... here is a big plus... the bathroom stalls are FULL closing doors, not scrawny little bathroom stalls, actual doors! I personally thought that was a nice detail that they added. I am sure every time I visit I will find something else that I love, as will you.

Sadly, my camera battery died and I was unable to get photos of the beautiful space, so I relied on trusty ol' Facebook for photos... so enjoy the ambiance through these photos, but make sure you make it a point to visit this place yourself. You will not be let down! And as always, support local business, they are the brick and mortar of our country!! :)


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giddy with butterflies!

Usually all of my posts pertain to Interior Design in some way or another, but I couldn't help but veer away for a moment to share this exciting post that myself and my handsome husband to be were featured in the very lovely wedding blog Style Me Pretty! Here is a sneak look at our photo shoot from our enormously talented photography team Kristen Lynn Photographie.

So skip on over and check out Style Me Pretty!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Coastal Love

Yesterday, I was driving to work and it was such a beautiful day here in Indian Rocks Beach, FL. The sun was shining and the water was glistening. It looked like someone just threw glitter in the bay. It brought an instant smile to my face and I felt cheery all day.

Throughout the day I was thinking of beautiful coastal inspired interiors and I haven't been able to shake this stunning color palette. I love the beautiful green and blue hues...

So here are a few coastal inspired images that make my beachy heart sing! :)

I love the coastal-cool retro kitchen:

I love the shutter details on the walls of this breakfast nook:

Provide a happy dose of sunshine for your guests with a bedroom like this:

Kelly Wearstler's line of textiles would work out great for a coastal home:

I don't know about you... but this would be my perfect beach home. Modern, sleek and full of windows and natural light....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Star Struck

Well, the 2012 Grammy Awards were last night and the stars walked with style. It's always interesting to me how the world of fashion and interior design always mingle together...

Black, Gold & Edgy 

Rose, Nude & Gray

Classic & Nostalgic 

Elegant, monochromatic & a bit of pizzazz:

Rough around the edges, but tailored at the same time:

Plum, Black, Gold & Full of Couture: 

What do you think? Did you notice any other celebrities with amazing red carpet numbers that resemble some of your favorite interiors?

Happy Fashion & Interior Design!