Sunday, October 28, 2012

Historic Kenwood's Bungalow Fest 2012, Designer Show Home

Hey there design friends! I hope your Fall is off to a good start. Here in Florida we are getting a bit of a cooler breeze, which is very nice, but hoping for safety for the northern states with Hurricane Sandy near.

Last night was the Gala Preview Party for Historic Kenwood Bungalow Fest 2012! I am so excited to be part of this annual event this year. I have met some awesome new people over the last few weeks and hope that it turns into great new friendships!

Yesterday evening, the temps were starting to get a lot more pleasant than our usual 90 degree Florida nights, and I feel like my inspiration room really gave people that cozy fall feeling. Take a peek for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

I personally love mixing old with  new and geometric patterns with florals. The gorgeous art work was provided by Victoria Arendt of Vision 47 Gallery.

The draperies were a huge hit! I found this vintage floral fabric at an estate sale, I squeeled like a little girl when I found out they only wanted $6 for the bolt! So I rushed it over to my drapery workroom, Custom Home Furnishings and she whipped up these beauties for me. 

This mantel is from Schiller's Salvage

I also found these fantastic vintage screens that are from The Tampa Bay Hotel in the 1920's which I also found at Schiller's Salvage. I was so excited that the screens were still available when I went out sourcing for this room, I remembered them from months prior, glad I got to snag them! I think they added the perfect amount of symmetry, history and visual balance for the room!

This great metal bookcase was provided by Paper Street Market

These pretty pillows were handmade by Eugenia Woods, the detail on them is quite stunning. 

And here is myself in my room. If you were able to stop by, it was great to see you, if not, remember that next weekend is actual Bungalow Fest 2012 and you can preview the designer show house along with a number of other bungalows in the neighborhood! 

Special thank you again to all of my lovely vendors, your talent, time and generosity is greatly appreciated! Also, thank you to my supportive husband, family and friends while I put this room together! 

xo} L

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