Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paint It Black!

In the world of Interior Design, I often hear this from clients "But don't you think it's too dark?" Usually, my answer is "No, absolutely not!" For some reason, people like color, but they tend to be afraid of dark color. Why is that? You shouldn't be afraid of dark color, you just have to know how to use it. Balance it with the proper color ceiling and trim (usually, not stark builder-grade white, but it some cases bright white is appropriate.), use refreshing art work, or use a mirror (although, I must tell you, a mirror really wont make your room look bigger, it just reflects light in a flattering way.) People usually will think your going to "be in a cave" but your not painting your ceilings, trim and blacking out your windows. There are so many more elements in a room than just the four walls that surround it. So be brave, get a little bold, saturate your life with dark color. Why not jump in head first? I encourage you to go out and find a dark color and enhance your interior, what the heck, why not just paint it black? I dare you... I am 98% sure you will love the outcome.

Here are a few images to get your wheels turning...

Images via: CS Interiors; Elle Decor; decorpad.com; House Beautiful

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