Thursday, February 3, 2011

Enchanting Stairways

     I have always had an appreciation for the construction of stairs and the end result of how they look. Interesting angles, shadows and negative spaces. I often feel like staircases are neglected in the home. People lack to see the potential in the staircase. You can really do so much with this space, a stunning eclectic picture gallery, a very clean modern approach, a beautiful vignette, if you decide to get really daring create a work of art by displaying you collection of books, or make a few bigger changes and add some beautiful tiles or a more decorative railing.
    Yesterday, during my snow day home, I decided to start moving into our new apartment (in the same building, thank goodness, or I wouldn't have been getting anywhere!) But lucky me, our freight elevator is out of service for re-modernization, yay! So you guessed it, this sister was going up and down stairs or trying to shove things into our coffin size passenger elevator. So after repetitive trips up and down our stairwell, I definitely have stairs on the brain (so do my quads!) 
     So whatever your style, I hope you find some inspiration in the following pictures and give a little TLC to your staircase. :)

Images via: Elle Decor, Traditional Home, CS Interiors & Chicago Home + Garden 

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