Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fabrics, Fabrics, Oooo la la!

I absolutely love Kelly Wearstler, her design style is color, texture & sculpture O.D.... (well a good O.D.) I basically have to wipe my chin when talking about her jaw dropping, drool inducing designs! Her work has a perfect balance of color, texture, whimsy and tradition. She definitely takes a nod to the classics but pushes forward with her own twist. 

Since I love her design work, you can only imagine how excited I was to hear about her line of textiles for Lee Jofa! The last time I was at the Merchandise Mart you can bet I jumped right into the Lee Jofa Showroom to get my Kelly Wearstler fabric fix! So brace yourself for these next images of her beautiful fabrics, you might have to wipe your chin ;)

This next one I particularly love. It definitely has a Japanese vibe, but I could see it used in many different applications... I am thinking it would look fabulous on a side chair in my future beach home (Hey! A girl can dream!)

And in case your aren't already aware, Kelly has a great book out called "Hue" so next time your in the market for a truly inspiring design book, make sure you pick this one up!

Happy fabric finds! xoxo- Lisa

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