Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Pink. Pink is a color that quite honestly, I have never been really fond of. You wont find it in my closet. You wont find it really in anything I purchase or like. But lately... I have to admit, I have been a little smitten with pink. But in only one application... interior design. For some reason, you still wont find me wearing it. Well, unless it's the palest of blush pink, maybe.

So what's up with this new little crush on pink that I have? For some reason, I just really love the idea of waking up in a pale pink room. To me, a pale pink room filled with sunlight is just such a happy welcome to the morning. Just like the sunshine that I hope to flood into my room, other shades of pink are starting to flood into my interior design inspiration.

Plus this lovely little handbook "500 Favorite Paint Colors" from House Beautiful helped me realize that after all  I just might like pink! If you haven't checked this issue from House Beautiful, I highly suggest you do!

When people think of pink, they tend to think of a girls room and that's it. I challenge you to go outside the girly pink box and be daring with pink. Pink can be masculine too. Pair it with grays, navys, yellows and creams and you've got a new look on this old fashioned girly color.
Take a peek at these ever inspiring pink rooms. You might end up like me, and actually really love them!

This is one of my favorite pink installations, from a London Designer who used
 Farrow & Balls "Pink Ground"on the walls, nothing says too girly about this room...

Notice the great contrast between the drapery and the chair...

Okay, I don't know about you guys... but I LOVE Betsey Johnson, she rocks my fashion socks off, and her home is just as vibrant fun and energetic. I adore the citrus yellow against this bubblegum pink, and the graphic rug takes it to a whole new level! Check out this fashionista's abode...

An eclectic mix that makes me want a pink living room...

The following are a few of those images that fall in my sun-filled morning category, completely serene...

Image via Veranda

Just what would a pink post be without Kelly Wearstler? Well, like a fish with no water! Her home office is floor to ceiling pink, and let's talk about these amazing golden hand chairs, how fun are they? 
Image via Elle Decor

I am chomping at the bit to install this wallpaper (designed by Kelly herself) somewhere, any takers? 
Image via Kelly Wearstler

Image via Elle Decor

A fun flirty dining room...

And of course, I can't leave out this darling little girls room...
Image via Elle Decor

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