Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Miss Muffet, sat on her.... tufting??

I love furniture, well quite frankly, more than I love shoes. In my opinion you can build a story in your interior through your furniture. Classic pieces and stories of where you found a certain item will fill your halls and bring a smile for years. And well shoes... let's be honest, sometimes they provide nothing more than a lousy blister.

Since the fiance and I have moved into our new home (which is way more ample in space than our tiny Chicago apartment) I have been dreaming of what to fill the new square footage with. Well, I just can't get my mind off of a comfy tufted sofa.

This living room is full of character! I love the large collection of vintage posters of all sorts of sizes and shapes. Mixed with the Chesterfield and modern furniture it creates kind of a fun, airy living space.

Or, why not upholster a whole tufted sofa in a printed textile? Combined with a fun wall color, I think it looks pretty fresh and exciting!

I can't get enough of this next mid century modern living room. It's dripping in my personal style! This Chesterfield sofa covered in this rich green leather is so handsome, I am just itching to cozy up on it with a great book and cozy blanket!

And the tufting doesn't have to stop with the living room! Take it throughout the house...

This stunning tufted wall, with built in seating makes this dining room look ultra luxe...

This multi-functional bedroom has many great elements, but my favorite is the tall tufted headboard...

Happy tufting! 

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