Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seeing Spots

Usually, when I think of Cheetah print, I automatically think of the cheap dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. I do like animal print, infused into fashion and interiors... but I have never been fond of the Cheetah.

So it came to my surprise when I was flipping pages through an Architectural Digest magazine, that I came to a screeching halt with this stunna of a dining room. I couldn't believe it. I actually liked Cheetah!! And it isn't in small doses, it's in full drapery panels! So I had to share this gem of a dining room owned and designed by perfume master Frédéric Malle...

Image via: Architectural Digest
I wish you could see the drapery better in this image!! 

After seeing this, I also recalled a great installation at the 2010 Dream Home in the Merchandise Mart that I also liked...
Image via: Merchandise Mart

So maybe I was wrong, and I do like Cheetah after all? Maybe I will start slowly by adding it into my wardrobe and see where it goes from there...

How do you feel about it? Will you be putting some spots in your life??

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