Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are You Brave Enough... To Color Your Cabinets?

For the longest time, we've painted our nails, colored our hair, 
sometimes we wear eye color changing contacts. 

However, I have one question for you... would you ever be brave enough to color your cabinets?

What a fresh kitchen! Doesn't that minty color just leave you feeling sweet?

Are you daring enough for plum? They say purple stimulates creativity, imagine the amazing dishes you could create in a plum kitchen!

Can't commit to coloring all your cabinets? Do a color splash on your island. It's an exciting pop of color that everyone will be pleased to see!

Using color on your cabinets doesn't mean it has to be bold, it can be subtle color as well. A washed out gray with a tint of blue-green could do the color trick.

Wowza, what a beautiful dose of color! To me this last kitchen is absolutely stunning. What are your thoughts? Would you dare?

So what do you think? Would you be brave enough to color your cabinets? Next time your painting your nails, think outside of the box, would you put that hue on your cabinets?


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