Thursday, October 13, 2011

My morning with the Million Dollar Decorator!

In the past I have heard of the show Million Dollar Decorators, my co-worker spoke highly of it, I always meant to watch it, but never seemed to catch it on TV. Recently I saw an ad for Schumacher Fabrics and it was jaw dropping good. Every pixel on the paper dripped my style. COLOR, COLOR, COLOR mixed with PATTERN, PATTERN, PATTERN!

Loving this fabric they were promoting still not knowing who one of the "Million Dollar Decorator" really was. A month or so later, all the lovely keynote speakers were announced for Design Week at the Merchandise Mart, one was going to talk about how to get a license for a fabric. I am always looking for new ways to learn how to build my design future, so this definitely struck my fancy....

This morning it all clicked together, "How to get a licensed fabric" + beautiful Schumacher ad + Martyn Lawrence-Bullard = "Ooooh, that's the guy from the show Million Dollar Decorators?!?"

Boy, was I wowed. Not only is Martyn's talent and taste stunning and full of beautiful textiles that make you giddy, but he is an all around funny guy! His presentation was interesting and delightful. He seems to be a very humble person grateful for all the amazing design avenues he has been given.

So today, I left the presentation bursting at the seems of my emerald green blazer with nothing but loads and loads of inspiration. Oh and I also got to leave with a signed copy of his book "Live, Love & Decorate" of course, signed with "a delicious kiss" I can't wait to crack it open tonight and read through his design journeys!

Here are some images of Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's work, and if you are like me, and really didn't know the show or who he was before, I encourage you to take a look. I hope you feel as inspired as myself. :)
Thank you Martyn and Schumacher Fabrics for such a great presentation today!

*All images via Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design and/or Schumacher Fabrics

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