Friday, June 8, 2012

Gallery, Gallery on the Wall...

I am a huge fan of eclectic decor. I love to make a gallery of items & photos collected over the years. I think it's a great way to make your home personal and cozy.

To make an eclectic gallery wall fabulous to it's full potential, here are a few rules:

  • Balance different sizes well.
  • Balance an array of shapes.
  • Introduce different elements of materials some examples are: metal, wood, mirrors, and carvings.
  • Don't be afraid to use three dimensional objects
  • Make sure your eye flows well (Don't allow too much negative space in between items and too tight in other areas) 
  • Don't just throw random objects on the wall, there has to be some sort of rhythm for it all to make sense.
  • Have fun with it! 

I love this installation of art. Notice the mixture of modern with traditional pieces. They have nicely dispersed the color, shapes and sizes throughout the wall, but covered nearly every square inch...

A dark backdrop for gallery walls, I think it makes a very dramatic look and the art just sits beautifully on it. This next image goes above and beyond, not only dark, but lacquered?! Color me happy!

Sometimes a gallery can be simple and small. This bedroom is the perfect example of a simple mirror gallery. No fuss about it, it plays well with the striped wallpaper. 

Image via: Elle Decor

Speaking of stripes, look at this handsome installation! Wouldn't you love for this to be your office?

All gallery walls don't have to be mixed and mismatched. For you symmetrical people, here are a few galleries that might strike your fancy...

Black and white frames + black and white photos in straight columns ascending up the staircase...

This botanical collection is full of impact...

I enjoy the tailored gallery walls, but my personal style leans toward the eclectic mixes. Here is a wall I have been working on in our living room. A mix of photography, fashion art, my art and my great grandmothers art. Modern + vintage. Still has a ways to go, but I am happy with it so far...

Image via: Lisa Gilmore

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