Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make your work space... happy!

I am a firm believer in loving where you live. It's your home, your identity, your personal palace of you. I also believe, in having a great work space. You should feel productive, creative, professional and most importantly... happy!

Let's face it, we live in a very creative world. No body wants the simple "out of the box" look these days (and thank goodness for that!) It really doesn't matter what line of work you are in, you can let your personality shine through in your office.

I am currently working on my home office. It's got good bones, but needs some TLC... I have a great wall of built in's and a desk. I've painted my walls a very regal plum color (plum gets my creative juices flowing!) I have installed an inspiration board, which I am regularly pinning beautiful images, quotes and fabrics on. It takes time, but I know that sooner or later my home office is going to be a wonderful place for me to work and become inspired for future projects. (maybe your home?)

So I wanted to share some inspiring offices that might get your thinking about your work environment...

This first one is a show stopper, I love so many components of this office:
First of all, let's talk about that light fixture. I would like to get my paws on that puppy. It's oozing with drama, elegance... the list goes on. I also love the pair of Bradley Hughes Etageres. I personally love every piece of furniture that comes out of Bradley Hughes's line, so this is no surprise to me that I love these pieces so much. This space is so symmetrical and balanced, but by adding the dramatic lighting, abstract art and intense wall color, it is everything but boring and expected. 

One of the MVP's of a good office is bookshelves. You can't live without them. They are so practical and user friendly, and you can really make them beautiful. This next image is a vignette of a very well styled bookshelf....

Adding decorative items and placing books in the perfect juxtaposed way, can create a very visually pleasing unit. The best part? Your not sacrificing storage solutions for style, simply incorporating it. 

This next office image, kind of takes me back to my days in Chicago, when I was an Interior Designer for Sarah Van Assche Interiors, our office was set up similar to this. My long desk was along the wall, and a window was next to me that looked out into our neighborhood, East Lakeview with a nice glimpse of Lake Michigan. I loved being able to observe the seasons change from my desk. 
I love the over sized inspiration board behind facing the desks (we didn't have these at my old office, I wish we did, I think they are so lovely!) 

So what are your plans for your work environment? Make it yours and love where you work. Whether it be a fresh coat of invigorating paint, new light fixtures or maybe just some inspiring art, let your personality shine. You'd be surprised at how productive you can be in your new space!

Maybe you have a vision, but can't pull it together? Lisa Gilmore Design can assist you with making the right choices. Contact me for more details!


PS- Stay tuned for photos of my home office re-do! I promise to share once my office is finished. I still have a few things to do on my list first! 

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