Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For the Love of Design: Hotel Allegro, Chicago

You may have seen in an earlier post, that I recently acquired a husband! Our wedding, was in the beautiful city of Chicago. It holds so much meaning to the both of us. We were ecstatic that people were planning to travel from all over for our day. We had folks from Florida, New York, Philly, Georgia, California and even Canada. So as you can imagine, we wanted to impress them and their stay in the city we adore. So the pressure was on.

I searched and searched for hotels to accommodate our guests. Some had great prices, some not so much. Some offered perks for the bride and groom and some offered nothing at all. Then I stumbled across the Allegro Hotel and my search was done. First of all, being an interior designer, my heart fluttered over the beautifully designed rooms the website pictures featured. Then, I worked with my awesome rep, Sarah and she made it a breeze.

So let me take you on a journey through the Allegro, be ready for some serious wow factor. This hotel is all but ordinary.

As you enter through the revolving doors, you are greeted with this lovely little vignette and these breathtaking stairs up to the second floor lobby...

Don't you love the wallpaper they have winding up with the staircase?

I mentioned the lobby on the second floor, right? Cause it's GORG! I was in luxury and whimsical design heaven. I couldn't stop staring at every square inch of textiles...

There was color on top of color, patterns mixing with patterns and textures flirting with each other liked I had always hoped and dreamed. I was in my own personal bubble of design happiness. 

^^ Notice the green alligator print and gold legs!

^^ Aren't those drapery panels to die for? Look at the velvet details on the edging. They could have stopped it with just plain silk drapery, but no, they took it to the next level for the added glamour. 

^^ Now, let's talk about this sofa. First of all, it's a luscious navy. Second, look at the curves on that beauty. I gave this sofa the nickname Marilyn, it had curves that no one could ignore. ;)

For any other hotel, that would have been it for the lobby, but not the Allegro, this lobby just continued on for what seemed like light years. When it reality, it was probably just a city block. What I liked most about the design of the lobby is that they let you feel like you were traveling through all of these stunning design spaces, you were left wondering what would be featured around the next corner...

In this portion of the lobby is where you checked in at the front desk, and again they featured that amazing wallpaper that greeted you up the stairs, well played Allegro....

^^ I talked about patterns mixing with patterns, right? 
I wasn't kidding, they didn't even let the floors bore you. 

Remember that enormous city block I was talking about? Well the last little part of the lobby was a huge surprise to me. I surely wasn't expecting this...

All I could say was "wow" (about a million times). This hotel was simply stunning. It took design to an exciting level. The best part? I hadn't even seen our suite yet. Keep an eye out for part two of this post featuring our lovely suite. 

So what do you think? What was your favorite part of the lobby? Don't you find it exciting how well the different colors, patterns and textures (even styles of furniture) mingle so well with each other? Doesn't it give you a rush of to go out and infuse colors and patterns into your personal space?


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