Thursday, July 26, 2012

Giddy for Green

Lately, I have been on a serious green kick. Usually, I am attracted to the beautiful hue of Kelly Green, but recently all types of greens have been making me giddy! What is it about green? It's such a great color and can evoke so many emotions. It can leave and fresh and energized or moody and creative. Take a look at some of these green interiors that are inspiring me today:

First, I want to share some moody greens. I once read that art is represented best on a dark green palette. This following images proves that in fact, that statement is true.

Image via: Elle Decor

Image via: Elle Decor

How about adding some green through window treatments? This Malachite fabric looks stunning in the form of tailored shades.

Check out Sir Elton John's pad designed by the one and only Martyn Lawrence Bullard. That green wall mixed with the large scale art is electric!

Currently, I have been a little hot for Mint Green. Yes, I know, that surprises myself as well. But I can just can't get enough of the refreshing color!!

Mix it with black and then pop it up with some coral:

Mint Green paired with Kelly Green? Now we're talkin'...

And last, but surely not least, look at this beautiful exterior. I would love to come home to this everyday:
Mint + Black + White

Which green speaks to you? Would you put green in your interior or exterior color palette? 

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