Friday, May 18, 2012

Do what you LOVE. Period.

Today, the fiance and I were in Target, and I stumbled across this little piece of simple art:

So simple, but yet so much meaning, and for $14.99 quite a steal. 

This little piece of Target art really got me thinking. I started thinking about recent leaps I have been taking in my professional life, (which let me tell you... are scary as hell) and it also made me think of big things in my personal life. 

It's pretty obvious how much I love Design (interior, exterior, furniture, fashion etc. etc. etc. etc.... you get the point, I love it alllll!) and I love art just as much. It's swimming through my DNA. I recently had someone tell me that when I start talking about design, it just gushes out of me, but good gush, not overwhelming and gross. (I took that as a compliment.) 

My personal life is a whirlwind of goodness as well. I am getting ready to marry the man of my dreams. He makes me smile (and sometimes pisses me off too.) He supports me and keeps me in check. My professional dreams are his dreams too. He really is my better half. 

You may find joy in gardening, teaching, being a mom or writing. Whatever it is, just do it and love it. 

Life is scary. Life is tricky. Life gets messy. But stick to your guns, and whatever makes you happy, love it with your whole heart, and do it proud.

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