Tuesday, May 22, 2012

South Tampa Gems (and all on one block!)

This weekend, I managed to take some time and explore some of the gems that South Tampa has to offer. Since I have relocated back from Chicago, I really haven't had the opportunity. It was beautiful day, full of sun and puffy white Florida clouds. I was ready to get out and explore. So my good friend Jackie and I enjoyed the treasures of these great local shops, and I am here to tell you, I was not disappointed...

Our first stop of the afternoon was at a shop called Relic, it is located at 3517 S. Manhattan Ave. :
Image via Relic Facebook
Right when we walked in, our eyes immediately darted to these fabulous sepia panoramic prints of vintage photos. Some were gals in the 40's era in bathing suits complete with fancy umbrellas and others were photos of old Tampa.
Image via Relic Facebook

Relic also had a great selection of lighting, furniture and the best soy candles! The owners were extremely friendly, and I will be surely be back soon to pick up some goodies for a client.

Our next stop was Summer House Marketplace, at 3620 S. Manhattan Ave. :

Summer House Marketplace is also full of very unique items. Lots of window panes, dressers, frames and accessories to the max!

I can't get my mind of this beauty of a vanity, lately I have been on a major green kick and I think getting ready for the work day at this piece would make mornings so much more delightful! (I have to admit, I am hoping it sticks around for a bit, so I can get it!)

Last, but surely not least, we stopped at Forty Three Oh 3 and Oh Whatever Eclectic Decor, two sister stores. 

Forty Three Oh 3 is located at 3626 S. Manhattan Ave. :

This shop is ENORMOUS! Every time we turned a corner, there was more and more to see. I personally loved some of their unique mirrors, they also had a wonderful selection of lighting...
Image via Forty Three Oh 3 Facebook

There sister store Oh Whatever Eclectic Decor, located at 3612 S. Manhattan Ave.:
Image via: Oh Whatever Eclectic Decor Facebook

Right when you walk in you are greeted with this amazing re-styled side chair with a fantastic applied flower:
Image via: Oh Whatever Eclectic Decor Facebook

I am completely gaga over this jewelry artist, Juju they represent, I am dying to add a piece of her jewelry to my collection:
Image via: Oh Whatever Eclectic Decor Facebook

These stores line a small block of S. Manhattan, in South Tampa, next time you are in the area make sure you pop in and take a looksie. I will be making more trips in the future, I'm looking forward to building relationships with these great small businesses as I shop for present and future clients!


  1. You got it all right! Having moved away from Tampa to the Orlando area almost 8 years ago, I look forward to going back to SHOP! They have some of the BEST little vintage decor shops around...and I tell everyone I know about them. Looking forward to getting back soon myself as I have not been to the newest addition, Oh, Whatever, but have heard such great praises. Thanks for your little walk-thru and I hope you don't mind that I share with my readers on Facebook. Denise from The Rusty Gate Antiques and Vintage Chic

  2. Thank you Denise! I am so happy to find this small stretch of great shops. I love finding great locally owned stores. If you have any other gems you would like the share about, please do!

    I don't mind at all that you shared my blog, I welcome it! I would love more followers.

    If you are a member of Facebook, please "like" my design page, then you can see all of my new posts!