Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage obsession + Dunedin = One happy gal

Have you been to Dunedin? If not, stop all your plans for tomorrow and just go! It's kind of this amazing little town that makes my heart flutter every time I am there. You have everything you could possibly need, walking distance to salt water, great local dining (everything from BBQ to pizza!), locally owned shops some with new things and some with antiques, and my personal favs, two little neighbors that stole a big chunk of my vintage soul! The owners are wonderful and strike up conversation with a smile. On the left you have Kina Kouture  and on the right you have Lace Lingerie and Vintage Couture

Let's start first with Kina Kouture. I stumbled across this shop a few months ago when we moved to the Gulf Coast area and I fell in love! They have a great selection of dresses for the girl with the vintage soul. If you love the retro look and like to glam it up, this is the shop for you. They carry Stop Staring, Bettie Page, Tori Richard, Bernie Dexter and many more. My first piece I purchased was for my bridal shower I love everything about this dress, the classic A-line style (with pockets!) but mixed it up with the great diamond print, it almost had an ethnic feel to it. And it was so comfy to wear...

Myself (center) in my lovely blue dress from Kina Kouture with my fabulous bridesmaids at my bridal shower!

Today, the fiance and I made another trip back to Kina Kouture and I purchased a dress to wear this weekend for my bachelorette party. I am so excited to get slink into this perfectly fitted number. 
I feel like Joan from Mad Men
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And here is the dress I picked out today, can't wait to celebrate in it!
Image via Kina Kouture Blog

Then, just to the right, you step on over to Lace Lingerie and Vintage Couture and become enchanted with all the vintage finds! Right when you walk into the shop, there are lots of great lingerie goodies, they carry Hanky Pankies and even a great line of maternity lingerie.

Image via Lace Lingerie

Toward the back, Lace is bursting at the seams with lots of vintage goodies. 

Image via Lace Lingerie

I was so lucky to find a fabulous cobalt blue dress with great a great poppy print. 
I just can't get enough of it.... 
Myself mingling at a party in my lovely vintage poppy number from Lace!

Here are some similar items you will run across at Lace

I encourage you to stop by Dunedin and check out the great things all these local shops have to offer. Vintage and retro things might not be right up your alley, but there is an abundance of other types of shopping that might strike your fancy!

Oh yeah and one last thing...

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