Friday, August 24, 2012

Lately, I've been a grill master...

We are so lucky and received so many awesome wedding gifts! (still working on the thank you cards guys, coming to a mailbox near you soon!) One of our favorite I have to say, is our new Weber grill that my parents gave us. Boy oh boy! For those who know me, know that I am not really the domestic diva and the kitchen is really not where I shine. But let me tell you, once I start cooking outdoors on the grill, I am a whole new woman! David is totally surprised by this new woman he has married ;)

All of this outdoor cooking, has got me thinking of outdoor entertaining and fun in the sun...
Image via: Pinterest

So here are two story boards do get your outdoor entertaining ideas going...

Maybe you prefer a more classic look for your outdoor area:
^^Classic colors, simple metal furniture. You can't go wrong with this look. 

Or maybe you prefer to be a little more modern and give your guests some wow!
Bright colors, mixed textures and geometric patterns make this space ready for fun. Pass the Mojitos! 

Happy grilling!

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