Friday, August 17, 2012

Re-style It: Shout Out

These images popped in my inbox, from an old child hood friend, who is currently in Virginia for college. You know me, I am a lover of re-styling furniture and giving it a fresh breathe of new life, so I was so happy that she shared her project with me! Now, I am sharing with you... enjoy!

Here is a photo of the desk before:

And here is how the desk looks now, after Stephanie put her magic on it!
Oh what a little paint and Modge Podge can do! Stephanie explained to me, that she loves vintage things and accessories with a lot of color, I think it was a great choice for her to use a simple palette, to compliment her collections. 

What do you think of this before and after? Do you have any before and after projects under your sleeve? Email me your photos and story so you can have a Re-Style It Shout Out too!

Thanks, Stephanie for sharing your project! 


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