Monday, August 27, 2012

Master Bathroom Renovation

I am so excited to share this master bathroom renovation with you, this project was just completed. It really is a huge transformation. The homeowners called me in once they started peeling off the dated wallpaper, after our first meeting we started working on a great plan to make their master bathroom more functional and visualy pleasing. Plus, they are planning to sell their house down the road, so upgrades for resale were a huge part of the design.

Here are some quick sketches of the bathroom layout before and what I designed for the space:
(I wont bore you with my technical CAD drawings) :)

There were so many problems with this original plan. Bulky walls breaking up sight lines, low counters, a linen closet that wasn't very functional because it was too deep, a dated shower that felt like cave. (I don't think Bruce Wayne could even appreciate this batcave of a space!) All of these elements made you feel closed in and you wanted to exit fast.

That is no longer the case...

A higher vanity with double sinks, beautiful new tile on the walls and floor, a sleek frameless shower. This bathroom no longer feels dark and closed in. It is now a beautiful space for the homeowners to enjoy!

I am so pleased with the turnout and I am happy to know that the homeowners are as well. They left me this stellar review, thanks guys!

         "We had decided to do a complete renovation of the master bathroom and had no idea where to begin except to tear it all down and start over. With a very small room and no ideas, we were thrilled with the level of creativity Lisa brought to the project while keeping our budget in mind. We had wanted something nice in keeping with our tastes throughout the house but not too personal so that in the event we sell it will appeal to a large audience.

Lisa was able to tailor a bathroom that was modern but retained the earthy feel that we have throughout the house and gave us multiple options on ways to utilize the space to give the room a bigger feel. We did most of the work ourselves and she was very understanding of our schedule and the fact that by doing it ourselves there may be longer delays in getting everything done. We had many questions throughout the project and she was always very prompt in getting back to us, taking our calls or responding quickly to email.

We would recommend Lisa as a full service designer to anyone looking for help on a project!"

Missy & Mike - Auburndale, FL

Below is a video of a full walk through:

What do you think of the space?



  1. Lisa was a dream to work with. She brought samples by within the high, medium and low price range. Even when the original plan was a bit over our budget, Lisa was able to pull it all together with little headache. I can't wait to call her again.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! You guys were a dream to work with!!! You put 100% trust into my design, and I couldn't be more grateful/happy. I would live to work with you guys again.... Next stop, DREAM home ;)

  2. What a transformation! You definitely did a fine job here, Lisa! I’m sure the homeowner was quite pleased with the results. What I love about your whole bathroom renovation project is that you gave it some class and sophistication. The before photos show that the space looked too bright for the eyes. By mellowing down the lights and using subtle colors, the bathroom became classy and more inviting.

    1. Thank you Katie! They are very pleased with the results, as am I! You are right, the lighting and color combo was very harsh on the eyes. The color palette we chose to go with definitely makes you want to stay and enjoy the new space a while! Thank you for commenting, come back and visit the blog!

  3. I think you have a really good eye for details, Lisa! The height of the vanity, the width of the walls, and the spaces in between were all equally important in determining the right positioning of each element. The idea of tiling the lower half of the walls created an illusion that the wall is wider and taller.

    William Gulliver

    1. Thank you William! I love tiling walls in bathrooms. Not only does it make it feel a little bit more on the grand side, but it also is easier to clean ;)

      Thank you for noticing all the small details in the design that make it all together a better space.

      Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog, please visit again soon!

  4. Wow, this is a beautiful bathroom makeover! From a very bright ambience, you definitely made it cozy and elegant. The design and color of countertops and tiles significantly highlight the beauty of the room. =) Good job, Lisa!